Reviews of The Best Egg White Protein Powders For Men To Build Muscle

Eggs pack a huge protein punch for their size, and are some of the best foods to eat if you’re looking to add extra protein to your diet.

It’s no wonder, then that it also makes a great protein powder, because you can concentrate the effectiveness of the protein source even more.

Imagine if Gaston lived today, he wouldn’t need to eat 5 dozen eggs. Just down a few egg protein shakes and be done with it. Sounds like a lot less hassle, right?

Egg protein powder is a great, animal-product alternative for people who are sensitive or intolerant to lactose, and who do not want to use a plant-based protein.

There are indeed some decent plant based proteins, but they’re usually not as high in protein as egg, and the taste and mixability can leave a lot to be desired.

So, if you’re supposed to eat them for breakfast, why not add them to your diet in a protein shake?

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What Are The Benefits Of Egg Protein Powder?

One scoop of egg protein powder is typically about the equivalent of eating 4 eggs. So you’re getting all the goodness of the egg whites you eat in the morning, just super easy to consume and a great way to get a lot of extra protein into your diet to hit your muscle building goals.

It’s also a fantastic option if you’re not into whey protein due to a lactose intolerance, or the fact that whey just doesn’t sit well with you. Most people look to plant proteins, without even realizing that egg protein powder is an option.

Beef protein is another animal-based option for people who don’t want whey or plant protein, but egg protein is more likely to taste less…meaty, and is a really good alternative to whey. And hey, it’s paleo friendly!

Egg is also one of the 5 foods that have a Protein Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1, which means that it is one of the best sources of quality protein you can find. The test is based on human needs, and basically, scoring a 1 means that once the protein is digested, you’ll be getting 100% of the necessary amino acids.

Other foods that scored 1 were cow’s milk, casein, soy protein, and whey.

For reference, beef scores a 0.92, black beans score a 0.75, and peanuts score a 0.52.

Finally, it’s a great way to get your protein without screwing up your other macros, as most egg protein powders don’t have much in the way of carbs or fats.

Reviews Of The Best Egg Protein Powders

There are actually quite a few egg protein powders on the market, so there’s a lot of info to sort through.

We are only including our reviews of the top 2 products we found. Some taste absolutely awful, some have less than ideal ingredients including soy lecithin (rather than the preferred sunflower lecithin emulsifier), and some just had such low levels of protein compared to our top picks that we wondered what the problem was.

You can certainly go through the other 12+ egg protein powders on the market, but these were the best of the best, which we hope saves you time and the hassle of wondering what to choose!

#1. Naked Egg Protein (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

Naked specializes in making products with as few ingredients as possible, and ensures there’s no filler or anything they’d feel the need to hide.

We like them because they’re straight forward, always offer a lot of what you’re looking for (protein in this case), and they give 3 basic options: unflavored, chocolate, and vanilla.

The unflavored version is just egg white protein and sunflower lecithin. The flavored versions use coconut sugar (much lower on the glycemic scale than most other sugars. So even though you may be concerned about the sugar on the label, it’s about the best kind of sugar that can be added to a product like this) and natural flavors.

Ingredients-wise, there’s nothing to complain about.

They even use non-GMO eggs, sourced from US farms, if you care about that kind of thing.

They manage to get 25g of protein in each serving, which is fairly high. Each serving of the vanilla has only 2g of carbs and 110 calories, so you can have as many scoops as you want throughout the day to boost your protein intake without compromising any other meals to hit your macros.

The biggest positive, other than the high levels of protein, is that the taste is a lot better than some others we tried, and it mixes fairly well.

We definitely prefer the flavored options over the unflavored stuff, though that’s the case for pretty much every company’s egg protein.

You can always add unflavored to foods or shakes that have a lot of other ingredients in them, but choking down plain egg powder is not typically a pleasant experience.

Naked’s entire brand stands on the fact that they don’t add anything unnecessary or unnatural to their products, and we’ve been impressed over a number of different categories that they seem to have high-impact products (25g of protein, for example), while staying true to their mission.

If you’re looking for a good, flavored egg protein powder, it doesn’t get much better than this. We considered adding another option here, but since there’s not a lot of differences between egg protein powders to really differentiate, the high protein content, high quality (natural) ingredients, and decent taste meant that we just had no reason to recommend anything else.

Our top pick, though try the chocolate or vanilla before the plain, if flavor is important to you.

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#2. Bulk Supplements Egg Protein

Much different than Naked, Bulk Supplements focus on getting you as much of a basic supplement as possible, with no frills and a low price.

This brand doesn’t bother with taste or making the labels and bags look fancy, they just buy a lot of ingredient, throw it in a basic bag, and ship it to you, which clearly gives you a much better bang for your buck than just about any other supplement company out there.

The only problem is that unflavored egg protein is not the most delicious thing in the world. However, this particular powder is palatable and isn’t prone to clumping or going all curdled looking like some of the others out there.

It’s a really basic, pure egg protein, with no additives, nothing to hide behind, and of course perhaps the best thing is, it’s way cheaper than many of the alternatives. It does only have 23g of protein, but really that’s still pretty high when you take the entire protein market into account.

A bit lower than the Naked brand above, but quite good overall.

So, can you choke it down without having it flavored in order to save the dough?

That becomes the question when making your decision.

The Naked protein is the best of the best, and we highly recommend it, but if cost is your number one motivator, you really can’t beat Bulk Supplements.

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Is egg protein powder paleo?

Yes, usually.

If there’s only one ingredient, eggs, then it’s definitely paleo.

Most other products are also paleo, as they use natural sugars or sweeteners and other natural ingredients like emulsifiers.

Double check the ingredients to be sure, particularly if you’re getting a flavored kind of protein, but the general rule here is that yes, it’s a great paleo-friendly alternative to whey.

Can I mix it in a shake/smoothie like whey?

You bet.

Plain (unflavored) may not taste great by itself, so we recommend mixing it with something else. Whipping up a shake in the blender would be great, otherwise if you’ve got a flavored post-workout supplement, you can take those together.

A good egg protein should blend just like a whey protein, and not affect the quality or taste of the drink.

If you’re usually on the go when you want to consume your protein, get a flavored option like the Naked chocolate or Naked vanilla, as it’s much more appetizing than plain egg powder.

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