Reviews Of The Best Bone Broth Protein Powder

Bone-BrothBone broth has taken the world by storm.

Suddenly everyone I talk to is going to their local butcher’s every week and asking to buy the bones they’ve got lying around from their cuts of meat, so they can go home to make bone broth.

Apparently it’s good for you, but dang, that seems like a lot of continual work and worrying about finding the bones every time.

Luckily there’s a new player in the game, making it possible to get the benefits of bone broth without the many hours needed to make it (or the high price needed to buy pre-packaged stuff, including a cup of it from a NYC broth cafe).

Enter bone broth protein powder.

Let’s chat about why it might be right for you below, and we’ll go through the (admittedly limited) options with some reviews.

Rating The Top 2 Bone Broth Protein Powders

The Benefits of Bone Broth Protein Powder

Quality, Animal-Based Protein For Building Muscle

You’re typically taking protein powder to increase the overall amount of protein you’re consuming, which will increase the gains made in the gym.

More protein = more muscle, basically.

Since this is an animal based protein, it’ll be “complete”, which means that it has adequate amounts of essential amino acids that are the building blocks to a ton of things in your body, including muscle.

Gut Friendly

Bone broth is said to be great for your gut and digestion. Gelatin supports intestinal health, while collagen is what lines the colon and GI tract. Both are found in bone broth, which means your gut health and digestion should be in good hands if you choose to go with one of the broth protein powders available.

Paleo Friendly

Depending on how strict you are and how you see things, whey protein may not fit your idea of paleo. It’s processed, it’s from milk, etc.
Some people who are on a paleo diet/lifestyle choose whey protein especially if it’s in isolate form, or because they know it doesn’t include anything they wouldn’t be able to get in whole foods anyway.

However, the ingredients in the plain/pure/unflavored versions of bone broth protein are just that: bone broth protein. Nothing more. Hard to argue against that.

Reduces Cold Symptoms

So cliche, but chicken soup is synonymous with being sick when you were a kid (and maybe even now), right?

But, it turns out that scientists have actually proved that upper respiratory tract infection symptoms are alleviated with chicken soup.

So your bone broth, which is basically just chicken soup, can actually make you feel better and recover from a cold.

Good For Skin And Aging

Collagen is a popular supplement that people go out of their way to consume in order to get better skin, since collagen basically helps keep your skin looking young.

Bone broth, containing collagen, can actually help your skin look and feel better. Studies have shown that regular consumption of collagen over 4 to 8 weeks skin elasticity, moisture, and more.

Helps You Sleep

Glycine, found in bone broth, has been shown to help people sleep better and even feel better.

Sleep is an incredibly important part of the recovery process when it comes to building muscle and staying healthy.

Gives You Energy

Everyone I talk to who consumes bone broth says they feel more energized. Not sure if it’s because they’re replacing things they were otherwise eating that were draining energy, or if there’s something here, but it seems like a common refrain.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of scientific research backing up claims made specifically to bone broth, so many of these ideas are based on the inclusion of certain vitamins and minerals we know make up bone broth.

Healthy Joints

Collagen supplementation has been shown to improve joint “comfort” and improve athletic performance in some cases.

Bone broth contains collagen and gelatin, essential parts of the puzzle when it comes to healthy bones and joints.

Reviews Of The Top Bone Broth Protein Powders

We’ve looked far and wide and your options for actual bone broth protein powder – not collagen, not dried bone broth powder that is like a stock cube – are few and far between.

That being said, we’ve found 2 options for you that are pretty good. We expect there to be more options hitting the market before long, as it’s certainly increasing in popularity, but until then, let’s run through your two best options from Ancient Nutrition and Left Coast Performance.

#1. Left Coast Performance Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

So rather than chicken, Left Coast Performance (let’s call them LCP from now on) makes their bone broth protein powder out of grass-fed beef bone broth.

They originally didn’t use grass-fed beef, but with the new formula, they absolutely deserve our top spot.

This offering from LCP offers 18.62g of protein per 21.75g serving, which is a really good amount (works out to about 85.6% protein/serving).

Now, this stuff tastes great, I LOVE that it uses beef, which is an insanely good, amino acid-rich source of protein. I also love that they listened to their users and early critics (including me! I had them ranked lower before), and made it a grass fed beef, which is even higher quality.

The ingredients are basic, and good, and it’s not full of fillers or junk, or even anything like a thickening agent…just the stuff to build muscle and taste great. For the plain version, it’s literally just bone broth protein concentrate. Add natural flavors of chocolate or vanilla, cane sugar, stevia, and monk fruit extract to the flavored versions.

The inclusion of cane sugar is something that we don’t love, as it’s higher on the glycemic index than if they had just used stevia alone, for example. Now you might want that pick up after a workout, but it may spike your blood sugar which is typically not what you’re looking for if you’re looking to build lean body mass and reduce fat.

For you beef lovers (or just people who want bone broth protein that tastes amazing), this is our number 1 option for this type of product, which is saying a lot, since this market is absolutely EXPLODING right now.

From taste, to texture, to ingredients, to protein concentration, this is a no brainer. Oh, and the value you get is insane, compared to some of the (way) more expensive options out there. Our top pick!

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#2. Ancient Nutrition Chicken Bone Broth Protein Powder

This is a pretty popular product in the space, but it’s made with chicken bone broth rather than beef. That’s not a bad thing, but I like the idea of beef, which packs a huge kick of amino acids.

It’s created by and backed by Dr. Axe, who is behind one of the most popular natural health websites on the web. He’s a chiropractor, doctor of natural medicine, and nutrition specialist. He might be a little bit “rah-rah TV doctor” for your taste though, so depends what you think of the guy.

For being the first to market, basically, they have a really robust line up of supplements, including 6 flavors of the bone broth protein, plus another 2 special protein formulations including a coffee blend and a greens powder mix.

We’ll focus on the straight up protein version here, as the coffee is gritty and doesn’t seem to dissolve well, even in hot water, and the greens are lacking in ingredients and generally don’t taste great.

Anyway, the Pure flavor (i.e., unflavored) contains just one ingredient: chicken bone broth protein concentrate.

They basically make chicken bone broth and slowly cook it down until no moisture remains.

The flavored options have natural ingredients. For example, the Apple Cinnamon flavor has cinnamon bark, natural cinnamon apple flavor, stevia for a sweetener, and monk fruit extract.

However, they do contain xanthan gum and guar gum as thickening agents so that you can mix it better without blending it.

There are 20g of protein per serving, almost no carbs, less than 100 calories, and a little bit of calcium, sodium and potassium, thanks to it being chicken broth. That’s a pretty good combination in a protein powder, and means you won’t have to alter your diet to keep this in line with your macros if you’re just trying to boost your protein intake.

While the flavors are actually not bad when you consider the base is chicken bones (making that stuff slightly sweet and enjoyable in a smoothie seems like a daunting task), most people who don’t like the stuff complain about the flavors and the mixability.

It can be hard to find something to pair it with (particularly the plain stuff) depending on your personal tastes, but adding it to a shake or smoothie seems to be a winning option if you get a flavored version. Using it to cook, bake, or just having it in warm water is best for the Pure unflavored version.

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So…what does it all mean?

Bone broth protein powder is a very new product on the market, and so there’s not a lot of feedback on it yet.

However, if you’re already a proponent of bone broth and drink it already, this is a logical next step to increase the protein concentration and make it easier for you to get the nutrients (rather than having to make bone broth all the time).

Particularly our top recommendation, the Left Coast Performance Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder, which has a couple of flavor options, an unflavored option, is made with grass-fed beef, and packs a nice punch of protein at a great price.

The powders are low in carbs and fat, and high in nutrients and protein while having fairly low calories, and so although they’re typically a bit more expensive, they can be a great option if you’re looking to increase the amount of bone broth in your life!

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