The Best Beef Protein Powders for Men in 2018 Reviewed

Beef protein is a relatively new form of concentrated/powdered protein.

When it first came out, so called beef protein powders were basically just adding collagen or gelatin, which would of course up the protein amount, but kind of limit the whole draw of having straight up beef be the main protein factor.

Specifically, these older proteins are low in BCAAs, which are basically the muscle building amino acids. So, while the protein content would look good on the packaging, the actual amino acid profile would not be very useful for repairing and growing muscle tissue.

Lately, however, there have been advancements in how we can actually get protein from beef without having to top it up with a variety of things (one of the biggest supplement companies actually included rice powder in their beef protein to boost total protein – wtf?).

One company has created beef protein isolate, which is a very concentrated and available form of protein (up to 98%). They’re called Hydro Beef and BeefISO, both of which have trademarks.

The only difference is that BeefISO is “US origin and is not grass fed material”, according to Prinova (we emailed them to ask), who produces the product, whereas “Hydrobeef material is manufactured in Sweden. This material is grass fed.”

The proteins we recommend use these or similar forms of beef, which are much newer and much more closely resemble the amino acid profile of a hunk of actual meat, because finally, that’s what it actually is. And that’s pretty awesome. Steak protein, baby!

Rating The Top 4 Best Beef Protein Powders

Benefits of Beef Protein Powder

If we’re being honest, the best protein source is whole foods, straight up. If you can reach your protein and macro goals just by eating good, whole foods, all the power to you. That’s incredible.

But what’s a guy to do when he’s running around working, dealing with the kids, trying to have a social life, getting stuff done around the house…? Sometimes you just can’t get 100% of your calories from eating.

And that’s where the protein powder comes in, obviously. You know that, you’re reading this. I know that, I think protein powder is the only thing I’ve ever continually had in my stack for like 10 years. Other things come and go, they don’t seem important, whatever. But I know I can get some muscle building protein quickly and easily with my powder.

Now, imagine that powder wasn’t from the milk of a cow, but from the cow’s flesh, just like a nice juicy steak?

Other than being disgusted at the thought of making a shake with a steak, isn’t that an awesome thought?

Getting the amazing amino acid profile of an actual piece of red meat, but in powdered format?

I mean, whey is great in most cases, that’s why it’s the leading type of protein. But for people who are lactose intolerant or who have trouble digesting whey, or who just want to stick as close as possible to real, whole foods that you’d eat everyday anyway, beef protein with its new forms is pretty exciting.

Obviously you’re getting great protein, but you also typically get a lot of protein compared to most other sources. 25-30 grams of protein per serving seems standard amongst the best products we recommend.

Plus, there’s usually almost no carbs or fats, which means you don’t have to worry about altering the rest of your diet to fit in a protein shake.

They’re almost always paleo friendly, and the good ones which we’ll mention below are almost all made with great natural ingredients, even if they’re flavored.

Reviews Of The Best Beef Protein Powders

First of all, there are indeed other options out there that we did not include below. You can find beef proteins made by the more popular manufacturers. You know, the ones who have shiny bottles with a lot of broscience and marketing-speak on the container.

The ones that aren’t any good, basically.

We’re only recommending a few here, and the only reason we’re not narrowing it down to one for you is because everyone’s situation is different and at least if we can give you the top 4 picks, you’ll have a lot better time narrowing it down than if you had to wade through a dozen examples.

So, below you’ll find our top picks for beef protein, all of which contain very high quality beef proteins without fillers.

#1. Julian Bakery Paleo Protein Double Chocolate Powder (With Grass-Fed Beef) (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

Julian Bakery is actually on here twice, but since the products are slightly different, we wanted to give you an option.

This is their double chocolate beef protein powder, and the biggest advantage it has over the other one on this list (the other one is their unflavored version) is that it’s chocolate flavored and doesn’t taste quite so bad.

The other reason you may want this one is because the protein source is from grass-fed beef, thanks to their use of HydroBeef. And that’s all it is. Just beef put through a process (without chemicals) to separate the beef proteins into a useable, powdered format.

Unfortunately their online documentation leaves a lot to be desired. This is the only official information they’re showing. However, we got in touch with Prinova, and have confirmed that Hydrobeef is a grass-fed, but Sweden-based cows, whereas BeefISO is US-based cows, but is not grass-fed.

Other than the pure beef protein, the double chocolate comes with cocoa powder, vanilla extract, chocolate extract, organic stevia extract, and sea salt.

One scoop has a hearty 25g of protein, while containing pretty much no fats or sugars, which is awesome.

Beef proteins don’t typically taste all that great, as I’m sure you’ll find out, but this is at least moderately drinkable in water.

It’s popular, it’s paleo, it’s made with real beef, and it’s at least partially non-beef flavored. So, it’s hard to go wrong within this market if you choose this particular protein.

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#2. Julian Bakery Paleo Protein Pure

Yes, it’s the same company as the recommendation above, but the product is actually pretty different.

Instead of Hydro Beef or BeefISO, Julian Bakery’s Pure (i.e., unflavored) version of their beef protein uses something called Beef Albumin.

Now, beef albumin is actually a blood, or plasma, based protein, but it has a really good profile. You can read more about it from the creators here.

Because it’s so new on the commercial market, there’s not a lot of research on albumin. While not the exact same product necessarily, an older study put together the amino acid profile of Bovine Serum Mercaptalbumin, which may give you at least some insight into the protein: source.

One of the best things about this protein is that it’s got just two ingredients: beef protein and sunflower lecithin, which is an emulsifier, and is typically processed not using chemicals, but by cold pressing. Pretty darn natural stuff.

Insanely, one 30g serving has 29.5g of protein. That is insanely efficient and a very high level of protein for any powder.

Now, lots of people LOVE this stuff because they can’t handle dairy or eggs and they dislike plant proteins. They can use it in a variety of ways and get a huge helping of protein with almost nothing else in it.

However, there are an unusually high number of people who absolutely HATE this stuff, based almost 100% on flavor.

If you need a really easily digestible protein, with very high protein content and not a lot else, and you don’t mind chugging it or doing everything in your power to mask the taste, the Pure formula is very bare bones and a great alternative to whey, eggs, and plant proteins.

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#3. PureWOD Build Beef Protein Powder

Finally, a beef protein ingredient that has actual research I can show you!

And it’s good, too.

PureWOD uses BeefISO, from the same company who produced Hydro Beef. Thankfully BeefISO actually has a public study to back it up.

Anyway, a recent study showed that comparing whey, chicken concentrated, and beef concentrated proteins, “each of these three protein preparations have been shown to facilitate similar improvements in body composition following a resistance-exercise training program.”

What this shows is that BeefISO is scientifically proven to facilitate muscle growth after exercise, to a very similar degree as whey, regardless of the differing amino acid profiles.

The only other ingredients for the vanilla flavor are coconut milk powder, organic vanilla powder, and stevia leaf. Pretty standard, and nothing bad in there.

There’s 0g of sugar, 2g of fat, and a very healthy 24g of protein per serving.

Other than being the only one to use a protein source to actually have research behind it (at least relevant research that’s readily available), this is perhaps the best tasting beef-only protein. Unlike the Julian Bakery options, there are not dozens of people lined up to tell you how disgusting it tastes.

It doesn’t have quite as much protein per serving and it has a bit more fat than the competitors, but if you can actually stomach it, that’s a pretty big deal. Protein powder will do you no good if you can’t bring yourself to actually use it.

For the research and the taste, we highly recommend PureWOD.

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#4. PaleoPro Beef and Egg Protein Powder

Yeah, I know it sounds like a delicious, manly breakfast. Sounds great on a plate, maybe not as a drink, though.

But seriously…PaleoPro is on here mostly because it offers something different, and it’s actually really good.

It’s not 100% beef protein, as they use egg as well (whole egg and egg white), but if it’s milk products you’re trying to get away from, this should sit well with you.

Unfortunately we don’t know the ratio between beef and egg protein, but after asking PaleoPro themselves, they told me:

“I am afraid that the specific ratio and ingredients are each kept in trade secret, so the best information that we can offer is that the Grass-Fed Beef Protein Isolate is the lead ingredient, followed by the Egg White Protein and Whole Egg Protein.”

And can I just say that they responded in literally 6 minutes, first thing in the morning. Cheers guys!

So, at least it’s the first ingredient. And it’s not like some of the bigger brands out there that are boosting protein content with rice flour in their beef proteins.

Would love some more details, but we can’t deny that this stuff works and actually tastes pretty good.

In terms of nutrition, a 30g serving gets you 26g of protein without much else, as other than the proteins the only things in here are sunflower lecithin (an emulsifier), and if you get a flavored version, natural flavors and stevia leaf extract. That puts it about in the middle of the pack for our recommendations here, but compared to most other proteins, that’s insanely good.

PaleoPro can be great if you travel, too, because they offer individual serving size packets that are great for on-the-go.

If you’re into trying a blend of proteins, want a larger variety of flavors than most others in the beef protein space, and want something that actually tastes good and mixes well, PaleoPro can hook you up. Definitely recommended.

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What To Look For In A Beef Protein Powder

We’ve talked about this all throughout this article, but not all beef proteins are created the same.

You want something that’s actually got an amino acid profile as close to the actual beef meat as you can get with a powdered product. Many companies just add extra collagen/gluten to increase the protein content, but that’s not a great type of protein when it comes to building muscle.

Look for things made from the newer types of beef protein like BeefISO, Hydro Beef, and Albumin.

If you’re very sensitive to the way things taste, you may need to stay away from unflavored beef protein, or even some of the flavored stuff. PureWOD and PaleoPro stuff tastes pretty good compared to most others, so just make sure you don’t end up buying something you’ll have to throw away if taste is important to you with your protein powder consumption.

Make sure it doesn’t have a lot of fillers and random ingredients that don’t make sense. Some of the bigger supplement companies who are all about bro science, shiny labels, and marketing-speak like to pack their products with extra absorption ingredients, extra creatine, rice flour, collagen, and other things that shouldn’t be necessary if the source of beef protein is high quality.

Best of the Best and Best Bang for the Buck

Usually there’s one that stands out quite a lot, but here, each of these could work for you, just depends what you’re after. If you really need me to pick for you, start with the Julian Bakery Double Chocolate and go from there.

In terms of the best value, both Julian Bakery products are a bit cheaper than the others from PureWOD and PaleoPro. If you don’t care about your tastebuds, go for the Julian Bakery Pure (unflavored) powder, otherwise check out the Double Chocolate, which is only a little more expensive than the unflavored stuff.

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